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Immortal Hulk by writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennett has been one of the breakout comics from Marvel over the last year. The transformation of the Jade Giant's comic into a horror-based story has delivered shocking deaths and resurrections, but the description for Immortal Hulk #25's double-sized issue will jump a billion years into the future of the Marvel Universe -- at least, what's left of it.

Ewing and Bennett will be joined by artist Germán García for a story that promises to finally bring about the Hulk's death. However, something called the Ninth Cosmos will cower before the Breaker of Worlds, which is another title the Hulk has gone by over the years.


Marvel has piggybacked on the positive reception to Immortal Hulk with a theme of "Immortal" variants in September.

The cover and solicitation text for October's Immortal Hulk #25 can be found below:




IMMORTAL HULK #25 Written by AL EWING Art by GERMÁN GARCÍA with JOE BENNETT Cover by ALEX ROSS You’ve never read a Hulk comic like this before. You’ve never read a Marvel comic like this before. The heat death of our universe has come and gone. The Hulk is finally dead. Now, billions of years later, the Ninth Cosmos cowers... ...before the BREAKER OF WORLDS. ... Lees meer >>


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